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October 31 2012

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September 26 2012

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Shit! I drop a piece of watermelon! What are you doing baby? I drop a piece daddy! So I see!!!

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I love fucking you while I am on the top…riding your cock and feeling it thrust deep within me as I settle down onto it again and again…slow and softly then hard and fast…squeezing my pussy tight around your cock…miliking it…as I get closer and closer to an orgasm…please lets cum together…I do so love to taste both our juices on your cock afterwards…I do believe that in a relationship a man is headship…now ladies…wait a minute before u go all bad ass on my ass…lol…u find the right man…he will love u…his headship over u will be spoiling u…caressing u and kissing u day in and day out…lifting your spirit up and treating u like a princess…especially if u r fucking him like this picture!!!!!!!;0

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September 25 2012

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September 21 2012

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A gorgeous photo… Except someone needs to be in front of him to catch all the cum he’s going to shoot…

3 Words - Reach A Round

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